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The Wildhearts

Rock legends, The Wildhearts is the Saturday headliner.  With over 20 years as a leading UK export, Saturday at Call Of The Wild just got wilder!

From their entrance in 1993 with ‘Earth VS…’ which cemented their claim as Britpop destroying rockers from day one, The Wildhearts have consistently released great music, entertained fans across the world and have done more than their share at encouraging new talent to rise up – an ethos Call Of The Wild share with passion!

Kilmister Stage

The Wildhearts

Tax The Heat

Those Damn Crows

Colt 45

Falling Red

Hands Off Gretel

The Erotics

Stevie R Pearce & The Hooligans

Kilmister Stage is our tribute to the Legend ♤ Lemmy. One of Lemmy’s favourite phrases was “Run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it”. Advice we took to heart while putting together Call of the Wild Festival.

The organisers are equally thrilled to confirm Tax The Heat as special guests on Saturday Kilmister Stage.

Hailing from Cumbria, COLT 45 are returning from a brief haitus, Adam Lewis from the band has explained why Call Of The Wild is a perfect match for the bands’ return.

“We’re really excited about the Call of the Wild show already – it’ll be our first proper show after nearly a year off from the band.  We’ve enjoyed some downtime, but we’ll be raring to go – and playing this brand new event right on our doorstep in beautiful Cumbria ticks all the boxes.  There’s so much talent in the region and it’s awesome that local acts have the opportunity to step up and play alongside more established names and build their fanbase and experience.  It’ll be great to catch up with some old friends and check out some bands we haven’t seen before too. There’ll be plenty more to come from us in 2019 – keep an eye out!”

Rising rockstars Falling Red continue the hard-rockin’ party, making the festival their only Cumbrian show of 2019. They’ll be raising the proverbial roof as a local band at Call Of The Wild.

Stevie R Pearce & The Hooligans, as a member of Warrior Soul and guitarist for Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate, it’s hard to fathom how Stevie R Pearce has time for a solo career! But along with his Hooligans, he’s making music that stands tall, with a distinct raw sound & classic UK flavour.



Cloven Hoof Stage


The Kut


Burnt Out Wreck

Everyday Heroes


The Sourheads

Chase The Train


Cloven Hoof Stage is a wonderful eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Alt-Metal & Stoner Grunge. Pulled together by our mad passion for Cloven Hoof Rum & love of crossover rock bands.

Being imported from Italy, Speed Stroke add a touch of Sleaze to their Hard Rock.  RIffs aplenty, and smothered with a healthy dose of attitude, expect blazing guitars, soaring vocals and probably a bandana or two!

London based alt-rockers The Kut are having a great year, with their album hitting the charts, their self-described ‘basement rock’ is probably moving to the penthouse sometime soon. Check out Mind Games.

Burnt Out Wreck will be delivering a slice of bluesy classic rock, fronted by former Heavy Pettin’ drummer Gary Moat, check out their recent release Flames.

Scotland’s Tantrum bring classic British Heavy Metal to Call Of The Wild. Championing the new wave of old school, check out N.W.O.B.H.M, if you can listen to this and not bang your head, there’s something wrong!

Badlands Stage

Ducking Punches

Jake & The Jellyfish

Northern Captives



The Finest Hour

The Spangles

Droll Man


Badlands Stage is sponsored by Lincoln based Badlands festival and where all the uber cool punk will be. Melodic punk, Pop punk, Folk punk… we’ve got a great selection of the best bands.